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An exciting, unique experience in the city centre of Breda

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An amazing and thrilling experience! Great for teambuilding, a game with friends or family.
Solve the mysteries, puzzles and riddles in the different escape rooms in the old post office of Breda. By solving the puzzles and cooperating with your team, your common goal is to escape the room! No ghosts or zombies in our games, but thrilling and intriguing nevertheless!
You can play our escape games from the age of 16.

Room 1:

The Forgotten Office

In 1989 an employee of the PTT (Post – Telephone – Telegraph company of the Netherlands) inexplicably disappeared. Rumour has it that he collected burdensome evidence about some of his colleagues and the director of the former PTT. His name was F. Siegmund, he went to his work on the 13th of February 1989, but he never came home.

Police investigated the case, but unfortunately they could not find the man or the exact reason for why he went missing. There were some suspicions they could never prove, involving espionage, bribery and ties to the international mafia within the higher ranks of the PTT.

During that time there were around 400 employees in the building of the PTT at the Oude Vest in Breda. It was a busy hub of communication for The Netherlands.  

More than 27 years after the PTT employee went missing, his office was discovered by maintenance technicians. In his office various indications have been found that confirm the rumours around the suspicions. It is now possible to enter is old office and see for yourself… What did he find that was so alarming he could never share it with anyone else? Enter his room at your own risk ad find out!

You can book The forgotten office for up to 14 players. With 8 or more players, the group will be divided in two teams who enter two identical rooms. You start at the same time…but who escapes the room first?!?  



Room 2:

The Mailroom

The Mailroom was the hectic centre of the PTT building at the Oude Vest in Breda. All the mail came trough here to be checked, weighed and sorted. The work had to be done quick, efficient and safe in order to get all the letters and packages to the right addresses in time. But some of the employees weren’t as loyal as they seemed.
Especially in the late 80’s this got out of hand…

Discover one of the mysteries of this old building.. Have a look in The Mailroom and find out what happened here before they closed the room and the employees of the PTT had to stop working here.. But be careful, once you in the room, it is not as easy to get out!

You can book The Mailroom for up to 14 players. With 8 or more players, the group will be divided in two teams who enter two identical rooms. You start at the same time…but who escapes the room first?!?

Room 3:

Camera 4

The old PTT building is full of stories and surprising rooms and now, years after the PTT left we are finding more and more secrets behind these rooms. There is a massive underground shelter and several secured rooms. We also found some deserted rooms behind the old post office. They seem to have been for the money transportation for the post office and the bank that used the post office too. The rooms have been empty for decades..

On the morning of your arrival we saw a strange man on our security cameras walking into one of those rooms. After this we didn’t see him again. We dare you to go after him, who is this man and what is he doing here.. !?

Teams can book Camera 4 with 3 to 7 players.

Battle escape rooms!

Compete against each other in our battle rooms! We have two identical rooms of The mailroom and The Forgotten office, so if you book with 8 to 14 players your group will be divided in two teams! So a maximum of 7 players per team*. Who escapes first!?

*Groups of 8 players or more will automatically be split into two teams, with less than 8 players the whole group escapes from the same room.

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Escape Room Breda recensies

5/5 punten
"Had a great evening!"

Great story and experience. Puzzles good to solve, but certainly not too easy. We have had a great evening, partly because we had 10 minutes left of course.. ...

5/5 punten
"Needed some help..."

It was all complicated, but we had fun finding things out. We needed some help, but we were proud when we solved something. Fun experience, we were talking about it hours after we escaped! ...

5/5 punten
"Two groups at the same time"

Fun and surprising puzzles, that fit well in the theme of the room (the mailroom). Challenging, but not too farfetched. Especially great that we could play the same room with two group at the same time, that made the evaluation afterwards even more fun. ...




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